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Cardboard Box

Cardboard Box Wholesale

A cardboard box, also known simply as a box, such as cardboard box brown, colored cardboard shipping boxes and matte colored corrugated mailing boxes, is a container made from cardboard or paperboard. It is a common and versatile packaging solution used for a wide range of purposes, from storage and transportation to shipping and retail packaging.

  • Semicircular Gift Cardboard Box 03002 Semicircular Gift Cardboard Box 03002 This box, which is made of premium cardboard and has a distinctive curved design, adds a touch of refinement to your gift package.
  • Cylinder Gift Cardboard Box 03003 Cylinder Gift Cardboard Box 03003 This box is ideal for gift-giving products like jewelry, tiny accessories, or chocolates because to its strong design and construction.
  • Detachable Gift Cardboard Box 03004 Detachable Gift Cardboard Box 03004 It offers resilience and strength to safeguard your priceless presents thanks to the high-quality cardboard material used. Any occasion is made a little more sophisticated by the streamlined and sophisticated design.
  • Round Cardboard Box 03005 Round Cardboard Box 03005 The Round Cardboard Box 03005 from YG Paper Packaging has a robust shape that is ideal for safeguarding your priceless possessions. It has a suitable interior that is roomy and provides lots of storage space.
  • Circle Cardboard Box 03006 Circle Cardboard Box 03006 This premium packaging option is ideal for organizing and storing a variety of products. This box has a modern, round form that is not only practical but also beautiful.
  • Ferris Wheel Box 03007 Ferris Wheel Box 03007 This inventive and attractive packing idea is ideal for gifting tiny presents or goodies. High-quality components were used in the creation of the Ferris Wheel Box 03007 to guarantee endurance and a striking show.
  • Bag Gift Box 03008 Bag Gift Box 03008 With its sophisticated features, this gorgeous box is made to impress. It was carefully crafted, making it the ideal present. The Bag Gift Box 03008 provides plenty of room for your priceless things and is sure to make an impression.
  • Jewelry Gift Box 03009 Jewelry Gift Box 03009 This gift box is strong and long-lasting because it is made of premium materials. It's portable size makes it ideal for bringing about and traveling.
  • Drawer Gift Box 03012 Drawer Gift Box 03012 This premium item has a special drawer design that makes it simple to access the contents. This carefully crafted gift box is ideal for displaying trinkets, jewelry, or accessories.
  • Tea Gift Box 03014 Tea Gift Box 03014 For lovers of tea, this elegant gift box is the ideal option. It provides a sumptuous experience thanks to its streamlined design and high-quality materials. The 03014 model has a roomy compartment that can hold several tea tastes.
  • Tea Gift Box 03015 Tea Gift Box 03015 This classy and exquisitely made box is ideal for giving tea as a nice gift. It emanates richness and sophistication and was made from premium materials. With its robust design and reliable closures, the Tea Gift Box 03015 is intended to safeguard and dis
  • Tea Gift Box 03016 Tea Gift Box 03016 This exquisitely crafted box has a secure top and is composed of high-quality materials, keeping the tea fragrant and fresh. It gives any occasion a touch of refinement with its classy and exquisite appearance.

What Are The Different Types Of Cardboard Boxes?

Cardboard boxes in our factory, come in various types, such as corrugated eco friendly shipping boxes (with a wavy inner layer for added strength), folding cartons (commonly used for packaging products), and rigid boxes (sturdy, non-collapsible boxes used for premium or delicate items).

Can Cardboard Boxes Withstand Moisture?

Regular colored cardboard boxes are not moisture-resistant and can be damaged when exposed to water. However, there are water-resistant or waterproof cardboard boxes available that are coated with special materials to protect them from moisture. We offer both regular and waterproof color cardboard boxes simultaneously.

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