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Card Box

Card Box Wholesale

Card Boxes are containers made primarily from paperboard or cardboard materials and are widely used for packaging a wide range of products across various industries. Paper packaging boxes are versatile and widely used in various industries for packaging and presenting products. They offer customization options, protection, and branding opportunities while aligning with environmentally friendly practices, making them a popular choice for packaging needs.

  • Mask Box 01001 Mask Box 01001 It is ideal for use while traveling due to its small size and robust design. With the 01001 mask box from YG Paper Packaging, enjoy convenience and style.
  • Colored Paper Bowl 01003 Colored Paper Bowl 01003 The 01003 is a must-have for any party or event thanks to its eye-catching colors and premium design. These bowls are strong and dependable because they are made of robust materials.
  • Candy Paper Box 01004 Candy Paper Box 01004 For presenting and keeping your delectable gifts, choose this sturdy and high-quality box. It is embellished with an exquisite style and is transportable thanks to its small size.
  • Lightbulb Box 01005 Lightbulb Box 01005 YG Paper Packaging is proud to present the Lightbulb Box 01005, the ideal solution for bulb storage containers. With its sleek design and durable materials, this box provides optimal protection for li...
  • Snack Paper Box 01006 Snack Paper Box 01006 The interior of the 01006 model is roomy, providing enough room for a variety of refreshments. Its sleek and contemporary design makes it both utilitarian and aesthetically pleasing.
  • Cartoon Paper Box 01007 Cartoon Paper Box 01007 It has the product designation 01007 and is manufactured with premium components to ensure lifespan and durability. The Cartoon Paper Box 01007 adds a dash of imagination to any area while also being useful and aesthetically pleasing.
  • Hand Cream Box 01009 Hand Cream Box 01009 The Hand Cream Box 01009 by YG Paper Packaging adds a touch of refinement to your cosmetics collection while also being useful and attractive to the eye.
  • Aroma Diffuser Box 01010 Aroma Diffuser Box 01010 It guarantees the security of your device thanks to its robust construction and sophisticated design. The product is a great option for all of your packaging needs because to its stylish size and sturdy construction.
  • Simple Paper Box 01011 Simple Paper Box 01011 It is ideal for any occasion thanks to its sophisticated appearance and robust construction. It offers a practical storage solution in addition to being aesthetically pleasing.
  • Ice Cream Paper Box 01012 Ice Cream Paper Box 01012 This box guarantees that your ice cream stays fresh and undamaged thanks to its sturdy construction and roomy inside. The YG Paper Packaging Ice Cream Paper Box will help you elevate your brand.
  • Printed Paper Box 01013 Printed Paper Box 01013 Your packaging gains a touch of refinement thanks to the printed design. For all of your printed paper box needs, depend on YG Paper Packaging.
  • Spray Bottle Box 01014 Spray Bottle Box 01014 It delivers strength and durability because it is made of high-quality materials. The 01014 model fits the Spray Bottle Box 01014 exactly, resulting in a tight fit.

Are Card Boxes Cost-Effective For Businesses?

Paper packaging boxes are often cost-effective, especially when ordered in bulk quantities. They provide a professional and eco-friendly packaging solution without significantly impacting the budget.

Are Card Boxes Suitable For Shipping Fragile Items?

Paper packaging boxes can be reinforced and designed with additional cushioning to protect fragile items during shipping. However, for extremely delicate items, it's advisable to use specialized packaging materials like bubble wrap or foam inserts within the paper boxes.

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