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Sample & Prototyping

Sample & Prototyping

YG Paper Packaging's Sample & Prototyping process for product packaging boxes involves several steps to ensure that the final product meets the customer's requirements and expectations:

Customer Request for Materials: The process begins with the customer's request for relevant text and image materials that will be used in the printing and design of the product packaging box. This is a crucial step as it forms the foundation for the packaging design.


Planning and Proposal: YG Paper Packaging then proposes a planning, design, and production plan based on the customer's requirements. This plan takes into consideration factors such as material printing specifications and the required quantity of product packaging boxes. Both parties collaborate to determine the specific details and prices of the proposed plan.

Colored Draft Creation: Once the plan is agreed upon, YG Paper Packaging's design team creates a colored draft of the packaging design. This draft includes the layout, graphics, text, and any other visual elements. The draft serves as a visual representation of the final colored cardboard boxes. It is shared with the customer for their review and approval. Any necessary revisions are made until the customer is satisfied.

Material Procurement: With the design approved, YG Paper Packaging proceeds to purchase the necessary raw materials as specified in the contract. The quality and type of materials are crucial to ensuring the durability and appearance of the packaging.

Lamination and Printing: The raw materials, including the packaging board, are prepared for printing. The lamination film is applied to the packaging material. Printing is then carried out, incorporating the design elements as per the customer's requirements. High-quality printing is essential to achieve the desired appearance and branding.

Post Processing: After printing, post-processing is conducted according to the requirements and standards specified in the contract. This may include processes such as cutting, scoring, folding, and any special finishing techniques to enhance the packaging's aesthetics and functionality.

Product Counting and Packaging: YG Paper Packaging adheres to the customer's requirements for product counting and packaging. This step ensures that the correct quantity of packaging boxes is produced and that they are securely packaged for transport and delivery.

Throughout the entire sample and prototyping process, YG Paper Packaging maintains open communication with the customer to ensure that their vision for the product packaging box is realized. This collaborative approach helps to meet customer expectations and deliver a high-quality packaging solution that aligns with the brand's image and objectives.

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