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Music Box

Music Box Wholesale

A music box is a mechanical musical instrument that produces sounds by the use of a set of pins or metal discs on a revolving cylinder or disc, which pluck the tuned teeth (or lamellae) of a metal comb. The vibration produced by the teeth produces musical notes. Our musical gift box comes in various shapes and sizes, ranging from small, handheld versions to larger, ornate boxes or even novelty designs. They are known for their nostalgic and charming melodies, often associated with classic tunes or lullabies.

  • Gift Cardboard Musix Box 03001 Gift Cardboard Musix Box 03001 This wonderfully crafted music box mixes your favorite songs' entrancing sounds with the appeal of a gift box. The 03001's robust cardboard design ensures that your priceless gifts are transported and stored safely.
  • Wedding Music Box Wedding Music Box Exquisitely crafted, this model exudes strength and luminosity. It fits perfectly in any setting thanks to its small size and simple operation.
  • Musical Jewellery Box Musical Jewellery Box This box, which has several compartments to arrange your priceless jewelry, is both decorative and useful. It features a vintage ballerina dancing to lovely tunes.
  • Music Gift Box 03010 Music Gift Box 03010 Music enthusiasts of all ages will be delighted by this distinctive and endearing box. It is ideal for gifts or personal usage due to its elegant and small form. The Music Gift Box 03010 is built of strong materials and exhibits great craftsmanship.
  • Music Gift Box 03011 Music Gift Box 03011 This durable box has a distinctive appearance and is made of premium materials. It is ideal for holding small gifts, jewels, or mementos because to its tiny size.
  • Christmas Music Box Christmas Music Box This beautifully designed Christmas music box plays enchanting holiday melodies. Crafted with high-quality materials for durability, it serves as a perfect decoration for your home or office during the festive season.
  • Custom Music Boxes Custom Music Boxes These music boxes are made to last because they are composed of sturdy materials. Discover the calming tunes and sentimental charm of these exquisitely designed boxes.

How Does A Music Box Work?

Music boxes work through a mechanical process. Turning a winding key sets a cylinder or disc in motion. The pins or bumps on the cylinder or disc pluck the tuned teeth of a metal comb, producing musical notes.

Can You Customize The Tunes In A Music Box?

The tunes in a music box are determined by the arrangement of pins or bumps on the cylinder or disc. Some musical gift boxes have interchangeable cylinders or discs, allowing users to change the tunes.

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