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Food Box

Food Box Wholesale

A food box is a packaging container specifically designed to store, transport, and serve food items. These boxes come in various shapes, sizes, and materials, depending on the type of food they are intended to contain. Food boxes are commonly used in the foodservice industry for takeout, delivery, catering, and event purposes. They play a crucial role in maintaining food quality, preventing spills, and ensuring convenience for both food providers and consumers.

  • Paper Food Tray Paper Food Tray Easy to stack and store, our paper food trays are also eco-friendly as they are fully recyclable. Choose YG Packaging for durable and environmentally-friendly food service solutions.
  • Corrugated Pizza Box Corrugated Pizza Box Available in various sizes, our corrugated pizza boxes are perfect for pizzerias, restaurants, or any food service establishment.
  • French Fries Box French Fries Box Made with high-quality materials, it ensures that the fries stay hot and crispy for longer periods.
  • Corrugated Food Box Corrugated Food Box Our boxes are easy to assemble and provide excellent protection for your food items. Choose YG Packaging for all your Corrugated Food Box needs.
  • Macaron Paper Box 01008 Macaron Paper Box 01008 This premium box is ideal for presenting and storing your macarons. It provides superb protection and appearance for your delectable sweets because to its stylish design and robust construction.
  • Food Box With Window Food Box With Window Say goodbye to boring packaging and elevate your brand with YG Packaging's Food Box With Window. Order now and impress your customers with this eye-catching product.

Are Food Boxes Suitable For Hot And Cold Items?

Yes. As a food paper box supplier, our food boxes are designed for both hot and cold items. Insulated options of the food boxes paper help maintain the temperature of the contents.

What Is The Difference Between Compostable And Biodegradable Food Boxes?

Compostable food boxes break down into natural components in a composting environment, while biodegradable boxes break down over time but may leave behind some residue. Our food packaging paper box production line can adopt these two materials flexibly.

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