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Creative Uses for Paper Bags

Creative Uses for Paper Bags

Do you throw away the paper bags you get from shopping or store them? Use a few tricks to turn a paper bag into a useful tool! Some paper bags are not only made of relatively strong materials but are also large enough to be used as storage boxes; therefore, except for a few luxury brand paper bags that are kept as collections, consumers can use their creativity to maximize the functionality of paper bags.


Refrigerator Sorting Bags


This is one of the most commonly used creative uses of paper bags; putting paper bags of similar sizes into the fresh-keeping layer of the refrigerator can be used as "sorting bags" for fruits and vegetables. Not only is it clear at a glance, but the soft characteristics of paper bags also help to make full use of the refrigerator space. A small reminder: before loading fruits and vegetables, please fold the opening of the paper bag outward to about one-fifth of the size (depending on the refrigerator space) to reinforce the opening of the paper bag and prevent it from splitting quickly.


Tissue Box


Many paper bags are really fashionable and beautiful in appearance, so they are suitable for changing and decorating other items! For example, after cutting the paper bag into half or one-third, putting the tissue in it, and using two clips to clamp it, it becomes a tissue box.


Decorative Paintings

Whether it is the logo of a famous brand of paper bag or the beautiful pattern printed on the bag, it can become a decoration that beautifies the home environment. Just choose a picture frame that fits the style of the space, cut the paper bag, and put it into the frame, and you will have a beautiful decorative painting.


Trash Bag


Some housewives will hang garbage bags on the door panel under the sink to facilitate the disposal of food waste at any time when washing vegetables and cooking. However, plastic bags sometimes stick together and are slightly inconvenient to use. Therefore, experienced housewives will put a paper bag on the outside of the bag to keep the opening of the garbage bag open, which is convenient for discarding garbage.




As a handbag, paper bags are not only environmentally friendly, but when you go shopping with them, they will definitely attract attention. It is synonymous with low-key.



Toilet Tissue Protective Cover


In addition to being used as a book cover, the protective function of the paper bag is to cut the paper bag into "Roll Paper" size paper and wrap it outside the roll paper to achieve the protective effect.


In today's era of rising environmental awareness, reducing waste generation is an important part, and "reusing" is one of the important ways to reflect environmental protection. Therefore, paper bags that seem to only hold items can be created with more practical functions with just a little more ingenuity.

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