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Mooncake Plastic Box Wholesale

corrugated polypropylene box
  • corrugated polypropylene box
  • pet plastic box for packing
  • mooncake plastic box
  • pet packaging box
  • pet jar for tea packaging

A mooncake plastic box is a specialized packaging designed for mooncakes, a traditional Chinese pastry commonly consumed during the Mid-Autumn Festival. 

The packaging manufactured by the mooncake box supplier YG is tailored to the round or square shape and features compartments to securely hold individual pieces. Our product line and strong customization capabilities can fully satisfy any company's fantasy of fancy mooncake box.

Typically made of transparent plastic materials like PET or PVC, the mooncake packaging box offers a clear display of the intricately designed mooncakes, showcasing their shapes and decorative patterns. Mooncake plastic boxes may include custom inserts for added stability, ensuring that the delicate pastries remain intact during transport and display.

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