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Understanding Color Corrugated Boxes

Understanding Color Corrugated Boxes

Corrugated cardboard is currently the most used and widespread packaging material in the world. And color corrugated boxes play an important role in the transportation and display of goods. This article will introduce you in detail to the relevant knowledge of color corrugated boxes, helping you to quickly understand the advantages and applications of this packaging material.

What is a color corrugated box?

Colored corrugated box(Corrugated Box) is a three-dimensional box made from processed corrugated cardboard. Corrugated cardboard is a sturdy packaging material, with the outer layer called linerboard, the wavy layer called medium or fluting, and the inner layer called inner liner. Through different color printing and design, color corrugated boxes not only have protective functions but also an attractive appearance, which can better display the brand image.

Color corrugated boxes have good protection and cushioning effects during transportation, effectively protecting the internal items from damage. International standards for corrugated box types fall into two main categories: one set by the European Federation of Corrugated Board Manufacturers (FEFCO) and the Swiss Paperboard Association (ASSCO), and the other is the national standards from Japan and the United States. These standards use simple 4-8 digit codes, like 0201, to denote different box types.

Materials of color corrugated boxes

Color corrugated boxes are primarily made of corrugated cardboard, also known as corrugated board. Corrugated cardboard is a multi-layered adhesive composite, consisting of at least one layer of fluted medium sandwiched between two linerboards, providing good cushioning and extensibility.

Raw paper for corrugated cardboard is typically made from groundwood pulp or semi-chemical pulp, sometimes mixed with some recycled pulp. Domestically produced raw paper mainly uses grass pulp with some chemical pulp or recycled pulp, hence slightly inferior in quality compared to foreign raw paper. Commonly used linerboards for corrugated cardboard include kraft paper and coated paper:

Kraft paper: A high-strength paper made from kraft pulp of coniferous wood, commonly used to make corrugated cardboard.

Coated paper: Paper with a smooth coating on the surface such as single-sided, double-sided, and gray back board, typically used for printing high-quality colored images or photos.

Types of corrugated paper

Colored corrugated boxes offer customized packaging based on different grades providing cushioning, strength, and compression resistance. Common types of corrugated cardboard include A, B, C, E, and F, each with different thicknesses. Additionally, there are common flute combinations such as AC flutes, BC flutes, and EB flutes, etc.

Single-face corrugated cardboard: Often used as a liner protection layer for product packaging, or to make protective covers and pads to protect products from shock or impact during storage and transportation.

Three-layer and five-layer corrugated cardboard: Widely used for making corrugated boxes with beautifully printed surfaces that protect internal products while promoting and beautifying them.

Seven or eleven-layer corrugated cardboard: Mainly used for packaging machinery, furniture, motorcycles, large appliances, etc. Certain specific products can also use this corrugated cardboard combination to make inner and outer cartons, which is convenient to manufacture and suitable for product containments, storage, and transportation.

Environmental advantages of color corrugated boxes

In recent years, color corrugated boxes have been increasingly valued for their environmental advantages. Colored corrugated boxes can be directly recycled, or reused through paper recycling, posing no pollution to the environment. Paper-based packaging is recognized globally as environmentally friendly packaging, aligning with modern environmental concepts, conserving resources, and reducing waste emissions.

According to environmental requirements and national policy mandates, color corrugated boxes are gradually replacing wooden box packaging for product packaging. These corrugated cardboard-based packaging not only are environmentally friendly but also match wooden boxes in strength, rigidity, and moisture resistance, providing reliable protection for various products.

In summary, color corrugated boxes, with their unique advantages and broad application prospects, have become an important part of the modern packaging industry. Whether for transportation protection or display promotion, color corrugated boxes can provide the best packaging solution for your products.

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